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Romancing The Stone



Romancing The Stone

Herbs and bed rest are nice, but if you want a beautiful cure for what ails you, or a Cupid's arrow for the one you love, gemstones possess legendary powers of persuasion.

If you want to express your undying love and deepest devotion to your mate, or if you want to protect yourself from bad karma, consider the magical powers gemstones possess. Since the early ages of humankind, gems have held a special place in folklore and superstition. They have inspired passion, brought forth wealth and wisdom, fended off evil spirits and guarded against illness.

The special properties or colors of a gem often dictate its symbolism. For instance, diamond's inherently indestructible characteristics infer a couple's commitment is forever. Likewise, the color red--as found in ruby, garnet, or spinel--denotes matters of the heart. Many gems possess multiple qualities and sometimes overlap with one another in symbolic meaning.

If you're interested in romance, consider wearing a ruby. This hearty red gem is thought to attract and maintain love. A sign of passion and virility, ruby has the power to stimulate sexual desire. Pearls are also considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Cleopatra was said to have dissolved a pearl in wine to seduce Mark Antony. Once you've hooked your mate, seal the deal for eternity with a diamond. This gem is also said to enhance a husband's love for his wife and incite sexual prowess. As a matter of precaution, wear some peridot to free the jealous mind of envious thoughts.

Romance, Commitment, and Fertility
Once the relationship is underway, wear emerald to protect it, enhance fertility and ease childbirth when that baby comes. Then consider garnet to reinforce your true devotion and long-standing commitment to one another. But, if you've been at all of this for quite sometime now, you might consider aquamarine. It reawakens love in long-married couples and inspires affection.

Healthy, Wealthy and Prized
If it's fame and fortune your after, you can ward off any wicked spirits standing in your way by wearing coral. This gem is also thought to dispel panic attacks and bad dreams. Moreover, turquoise--revered by the Chinese, Egyptians, Native Americans and Tibetans--is believed to help one resist temptation and maintain virtue. Prized by the Hindu, zircon can remove fear and clarify the mind; agate instills courage; and sapphire banishes evil and promotes wisdom and prosperity.

If your health--mind, body, and soul--is important to you, consider citrine. Believed to foster a calm and objective attitude, citrine makes its wearer happy and cheerful. Similarly, topaz sweetens a disposition and tourmaline represents a cool head and aids in meditation. To keep that happiness in check, however, you might consider sporting an amethyst amulet to protect yourself against drunkenness. Ancient Greek legend equates amethyst with sobriety. Amethystos, from whence the name came, means "without wine". In case the amethyst fails, you may want to have some aquamarine on hand, as it cures belching and yawning, possible side effects of one too many!

Toss out the Vitamins
If you're thirsty, try a little Middle Eastern trick: hold an agate pebble in your mouth and your thirst will be relieved. An agate talisman will also prevent skin ailments and cool fevers. Emerald is believed to cure eye problems, aid the liver, and guard against fits and convulsions. Garnet is thought to cure heart palpitations and blood and lung diseases. Jade heals disorders of the nervous system and failing organs, particularly the kidneys. And sapphire is believed to cure ulcers.

Just as specific stones became associated with distinctive traits, so have particular colors. For instance, yellow worn by a man identifies a secret lover; for a woman, it symbolizes generosity. Red on a man indicates command and nobility; for a woman, pride or tenacity. A man wearing blue reflects wisdom; on a woman, jealousy in love or diligence. Green for a man signifies joy and hope; for a woman, ambition and change.




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