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Jewellry Guide

Careing for Jewelry Engagement Ring Advice On Matching Weding Bands



Men's guide to Jewelry don't wear jewelry. You know nothing about jewelry. You don't even particularly LIKE jewelry (though a sexy pair of earrings brushing against a woman's hair, a necklace dripping into cleavage or a strategically placed belly-button ring doesn't sound too bad, right?) But none of that matters when it comes time to buy the woman in your life what you know she really wants: a shiny, glimmering, sparkling piece of relationship-enhancing jewelry -- preferably including some gold, platinum, diamonds or gems.

Knowing what to buy, however, is another matter entirely. If you wouldn't know a gold hoop from a hula hoop or if your gift of choice has ever been -- ahem -- underappreciated, read on. We'll help you make some of the most important buying decisions of your social life. We will fill you in on just what jewelry gifts are appropriate at each stage of the relationship game, and how to buy the jewel that best matches your partner's style. By the time you're through, you'll be giving advice to your hapless friends who still don't know that diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Stage of the Game
Whether you're dating, living together or married, relationships can be as complicated as they are exciting. So why make it more confusing by buying the wrong gift at the wrong time? Here, find out how to buy the perfect gift that matches the relationship stage you're in. She'll feel like you know what you're doing and you'll be grateful you don't have to head back to "returns and exchanges."

First Date
Unless you're Donald Trump, don't buy jewelry on the first date. It makes you look eager and needy, not rich.

Try:  Chocolate or flowers. And don't be late, for heaven's sake.


Fifth Date
Okay, now you're getting into "relationship" territory. But it's still pretty early on, so don't go crazy. A diamond ring at this point might scare her off (though she'd probably keep the ring). If you want to give a gift of jewelry during this heady time, try something small and sweet, but tasteful. It shows you care but she'll look forward to more.


Teddy Bear Pin Cultured pearl stud earrings Sterling Silver Bangle
Sterling Silver Teddy Bear Pin.
Cultured pearl stud earrings.
Sterling silver rolling bangle.


Six-Month Dating Anniversary
So you've made it to 180 days! Things are probably getting more serious now with your partner, which calls for a more serious gift. Try something more personal than a pin but less so than a ring -- like a pendant or necklace -- and consider upping the dollar ante a bit. Sneaking in a diamond here or there will melt some hearts, too.


Diamond Heart Pendant Clover Station Necklace Sapphire Flower Pendant
18k white gold pendant with diamond.
18k yellow gold flower station necklace with small diamonds.
18k white gold pendant with sapphire.


One-Year Dating Anniversary (or Two-Year, Three-Year, etc.)
These anniversaries are big milestones, whether you realize it or not. By the time your relationship marks an annual event, if you're not shopping for a diamond ring, you'd better come up with something just as good. But avoid those ring size boxes! So splurge on something meaningful -- and substantial.


Elegant Diamond Bangle Milan Mesh Choker with Diamonds Half Carat Diamond Solitaire Necklace
18k gold and diamond bangle bracelet.
Milan mesh choker

Platinum and diamond solitaire necklace.


Wedding Day
Yes, she already has the diamond engagement ring and the wedding band. But a gift of jewelry on this special day shows her just how much she means to you.


Cultured Pearl Princess Necklacet Sapphire and Diamond Heart Pendant
A cultured pearl necklace she can wear as she walks down the aisle.
Sapphire and diamond heart pendant.
(Sapphire represents faithfulness.)


Married for More than Ten Years ... 20 years ... 30 years ...
You've been together for a long time. Think about it: your wife may not have received a gift of a ring since she received her wedding band, so her hand will appreciate something new, right? Whether it's an anniversary ring or some knockout gemstones, show her how you really feel with a special ring.


Platinum and Diamond Band Tahitian Fantasy Ring Open Swirl Diamond Ring
Platinum ring with round brilliant cut diamonds.
18 karat white gold Tahitian pearl and diamond ring.
Dramatic 18-karat white gold and diamond ring.


Now you are ready to shop!
If you are still in the first year, go to Gifts for Women for more holiday gift ideas. And if you are visiting her parents, it is imperative that you bring a gift!  Unless you are prepared for the possibility of a lifetime of my-son-in-law-the-lush stories. But, never fear, we can help you out at Hostess Gifts.

If you have passed the one year relationship mark, do not pass go, head directly to

Or if we have inspired you to dive right in the deep end, go ahead and plunge into our




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