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Tea Accessories

T-Sac Tea Pouches (Tea Bags)

tea bags

These easy-to-use tea pouches (tea bags) are the perfect way to brew loose leaf tea without a tea infuser or strainer... whether you are at home and or on the go.

Just spoon your tea into the envelope-style filter, and drop it in your cup or teapot. No holder is needed. Product features include:

  • Set of 100 disposable loose tea filters per box
  • Four sizes available for brewing 1-12 cups
  • Biodegradable and earth-friendly
  • Chlorine- and bleach-free
  • Makes great tasting tea with the convenience of a tea bag

Round Mesh Teaball - 3 Sizes

Tea balls

Available in three sizes, these handy mesh teaballs make brewing a cup or small pot of loose leaf tea easy and convenient. Choose your teaball size based on whether you typically prepare a small cup, large cup or small pot of tea at a time.
  • 2" Mesh Teaball: $ 3.00
  • 2-1/2" Mesh Teaball: $ 3.50
  • 3" Mesh Teaball: $ 4.00
(Also see the 4" Jumbo Teaball Strainer listed next.)

English Tea Strainer

This nicely detailed chrome tea strainer is designed to hold enough tea to brew one cup at a time. Place your strainer with tea on the edge of a cup filled with heated water. Then, steep until your tea is brewed to perfection.

Finum Infuser Basket

tea infuser

This popular infuser is sized to fit most teapots, cups and mugs. Features a gold plated, stainless steel mesh filter and a durable, heat resistant plastic casing. Comes with reversible lid that doubles as a coaster for the basket.

Matcha Whisk - Bamboo

Matcha Whisk

This is a traditional Japanese whisk used to make matcha by mixing green tea powder and water. Made in Japan, this beautiful whisk is carefully crafted using a single piece of Bamboo.

To purchase Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, click here and view the matcha listing at the bottom of the Green Tea page.

Glass Tea Set for 2 with Infuser and Warmer

A simple, elegant tea set for two for brewing and enjoying loose leaf or blooming teas. Includes 42 oz glass teapot, glass pot warmer and 2 glass cups and saucers.

Set of Traditional Red Infuser Mugs

Traditional Red Infuser Tea Mugs

A tea-for-two gift set from RCM Tea Shop packaged in a red silk brocade box. Each tea mug has an infuser for brewing tea right in the cup, along with a matching lid to keep the tea tempting and hot.

Blue Peony Tea Set

Tea Set

This traditional Chinese tea set features an attractive blue floral pattern and includes four porcelain tea cups that each hold 5 oz of tea, a 35 oz matching tea pot and a removable mesh diffuser for brewing loose tea.

Chinese Landscape Tea Set

Chinese Tea Set

This beautiful tea set for four features a intricate Chinese landscape scene. The six-piece set includes a 24oz teapot, four 4oz cups, and a 9" diameter serving tray.

This is a perfect all-occasion gift for a tea lover. Consider getting an extra set for yourself to use on special occasions and to have on display for others to enjoy. The set comes packed in a silk-lined box.

Tea Caddy – Teapot-Shaped

Tea Caddy

Teapot-shaped ceramic tea caddy or dish designed to hold tea bags, infusers, t-sacs, etc. Available in white or cobalt blue (these match the white and cobalt tea pots and creamer sets).




Small Blooming Tea Gift Set with Gold Box

A unique gift for someone who appreciates all the wonders of tea... flavor, aroma and beauty. This blooming tea gift set includes a 21oz tempered glass teapot that is designed to show the flowering tea in action. There is also an infuser to use when brewing loose leaf tea. Not made for stove-top use. Dishwasher safe.

The attractive set includes two 1.5oz cups and 65g of 8 blossom green tea. Packaged in a beautiful gold floral fabric box.

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